Sell My House As Is Fast In Manassas: A 2020 Case Study

collage of 3 pictures containing a brick house with bushes overgrown around it, and a cluttered inside of the house

If you were wondering how to sell my house as is fast, look no further. We will dive into a real life case study of someone we worked with back in 2020 who did exactly this. Their situation may strike a resemblance to yours, and this might give you the inspiration needed to do what they did.

Make sure you check out our previous case study as well as it is packed full of great information for anyone wondering how to sell my house as is fast. Now, let’s dive into this one!

I’m Wondering How I Can Sell My House As Is Fast?

This is the first question we got from Dave when we spoke to him in January 2020. Dave is not his real name, but we have changed it for privacy purposes. He responded to one our marketing pieces and when we chatted on the phone, he explained his situation.

He and his wife moved into the house in 1994 and rented for 4 years before purchasing the property from their landlord in 1998. Over these 26 years of living in the property, the property accumulated maintenance needs and became cluttered.

Dave was a collector of all sorts of things; coins, civil war items, board games, and his most coveted collection was that of Magic cards. The house had become full of these items among other things, and got to the point where Dave was looking for a fresh start because of this, and because of all the maintenance needs.

The Property Condition

Like I mentioned, this property had a good amount of deferred maintenance, making it tough to continue living in comfortably unless it was addressed and corrected. Some of the issues included:

(1) Rotting floor support beams (joists) from leaky shower drain causing the floor to sag in one of the bathrooms.

(2) Baseboard heat system had a bad leak which made them use space heaters during the winter.

(3) Foundation wasn’t properly sealed which caused lots of water and mold to get in the crawl space.

(4) Old copper pipes were leaking and had to be almost entirely replaced by PVC pipes.

(5) A substantial amount of overgrown trees and bushes around the house.

These are the major problems, but there were many more minor issues all throughout the house, and cosmetically the house was in serious need of updating as well. Here are some pictures of the property:

Dave’s Situation And Why He Was Looking To “Sell My House As Is Fast”

Dave and his wife were now recently retired empty nesters, with their daughter being off on her own as of the last few years. Because of this, they did not have any reason to stay in this house. They also had family down in Tennessee and wanted to move to be closer to them.

For these reasons, selling the home and moving down to Tennessee was what they set their sights on. For multiple years they had been trying to figure out how to do this, but due to their situation and the property condition, it was overwhelming to figure out the right approach.

Figuring Out What To Do With The House

The house was now a burden to Dave and provided multiple challenges. Fixing it up would have cost way more money than he was able to pay, and also would have taken at least 6 months. Dave wasn’t in a position to hire contractors and go through a major home renovation. He’s in his late 60’s and had some back problems that would have made this incredibly stressful.

Getting all of the issues fixed at the property, and updating it to sell would have cost a fortune for him as well. To put it in perspective, we spent $75,000 which was way over the budget we originally planned on. We also have regular contractors we worked with and were able to get better pricing than most people. Paying over $100,000 was a more accurate figure for Dave, and he recognized this himself.

How Can I Sell My House As Is Fast?

After realizing that it was not feasible to fix up the property and sell the traditional way, Dave decided to reach out to us to see if we could assist him. The first thing he asked us when we spoke to him was, “how can I sell my house as is fast?”

We spoke with him to understand his situation a bit better and ultimately set a time to take a look at the property. He was very honest about the condition while on the phone, and this is something we recommend anyone speaking to an investor do.

Be Honest About The Property Condition

The reason is not a moral or ethical one, but more because investors are looking for these kinds of properties that need work, and if you falsely claim your property is in great condition then an investor may not be interested. There were many times we spoke with people looking to sell to an investor, and they mention their house is in immaculate shape.

If this truly is the case then there is not much value an investor can provide, and you are better off selling with a real estate agent. But, if your house does need work, then being honest is going to lead to the best result for you.

Our Visit To Dave’s Property

When we got out to take a look at Dave’s property, it was exactly how he described it to be. We saw all of the issues and also took note of the items needing to simply be updated. Dave then explained his situation to us how he was planning to move to Tennessee.

We analyzed everything and went over an offer price with him, which he thought was more than fair. We then discussed how to make everything mesh with his plans and what he was looking to do.

He was stressed about the clutter in the house and what to do with it. Luckily, we were able to help him figure out what to do. For the items he planned on keeping, we recommended using PODS to pack them up and ship them to where he was moving to in Tennessee.

For everything he didn’t want to keep, we told him that leaving it in the property for us to dispose of was perfectly fine. We ended up filling 4 thirty-yard dumpsters just by cleaning out his house!

Dave Successfully Avoided A Real Estate Wholesaler

Finding a great investor who is able to offer insight and be an advocate is something critically necessary when someone is wondering if it is possible to sell my house as is fastWholesalers dominate this industry because of how unregulated it is.

Here is an example of how this works, but be sure to check out our other articles to learn more about the terrible practice of real estate wholesaling.

real estate wholesaling example with stick figures showing a real estate wholesaler

Dave was approached by several real estate wholesalers looking to “buy” his house. I put quotes around it because we all know this is not what their true intentions are. Their true intentions are to sell the contract to a buyer at a higher price, which would have put Dave in a vulnerable position.

He was planning to move across the country and spent thousands of dollars on moving and getting ready to do this, not to mention the time and effort it took to get prepared for this. A real estate wholesaler would have completely messed up his plans if they were unable to deliver on the settlement, which happens a lot of the time.

He Sold His House As Is, Completely On His Terms

Luckily, Dave worked with us and was able to sell his house fast for cash, completely on his terms. This is what happens when working with great investors. He was able to even do a 1-month rentback after settlement so he could take his time packing up, etc.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to find one or multiple investors that you trust are going to give you good information, and do exactly what they say. This is an industry with lots of fraud and manipulation that takes place, just refer to any of our articles where we discuss real estate wholesalers to learn more.


Dave began this process not knowing if it were possible to do this, but after doing some research and Googling “sell my house as is fast” he was able to find a great investor and sell his house for cash. Finding excellent local investors is crucial in an industry that is so unregulated.

After finishing up the project, we had Dave’s daughter visit our property as she wanted to see it since it was sentimental to her being that she grew up there. She saw it in person and gave pictures to Dave and they were all very happy with how it turned out and how some family was going to buy it and create new memories in it! Here are some pictures of it once it was complete:

front picture of brick house with 2 trees and bright blue sky
inside of empty house with white walls and hardwood floors
picture of vacant bedroom with hardwood floors
remodeled house with hallway with hardwood floors
remodeled bathroom with white pedestal sink and toilet behind it
remodeled kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances

Be sure to check out our ultimate guide that is loaded with actionable steps if you are looking to sell your house as is fast. And check out Home Sale Solutions as well. We are experienced investors in the Northern Virginia area that specialize in Manassas and Woodbridge.

Reach out to us with any questions and we wish you the best of luck!