How Do I Sell My House For Cash In Virginia?

If you are wondering, “how do I sell my house for cash in Virginia” then look no further! We buy houses in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas, and specialize in the Manassas and Woodbridge areas. We are not listing your house… We are actually the one buying your house. Because we pay cash, we can close extremely fast… or on your schedule. Here are the 3 easy steps and below is the exact contract we use because we like to be transparent at all times!

Step 1

Complete The Form

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Simply complete our form below or give us a call at (888) 273-5582 and tell us some info about your property.

Step 2

We’ll Get In Touch

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We will meet you at your property whenever convenient for you to walk through and then present an offer to you.

Step 3

You Get Your Cash

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You pick the closing date. We use Champion Title and Settlements, and you leave with cash in hand and zero stress.

Get My Cash Offer Now!

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a purchase and sale agreement for a real estate purchase
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$5,000 Earnest Money Deposit

Every offer we make comes with a $5,000 Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). This is essentially our deposit to show that we are serious about purchasing your house. This deposit is non-refundable from the second the contract is signed, which means that if we aren’t able to buy your house (which has never happened) you get to keep the $5,000.

clause from contract stating the buyer will pay closing costs

We Pay All Closing Costs

When a property is sold, the closing costs are typically about 1% of the sale price. These include settlement fees, county and state property taxes, etc. We cover these costs entirely so that our offer price to you is exactly what you walk away with at settlement.

clause from contract stating the settlement date and settlement company to be used

Very Fast Closing

We buy houses with cash, which means that we do not need to take 30-45 days waiting on bank approval. We can close in 7-10 days or longer if this is what you prefer. We also use Champion Title and Settlements to do the closing as the sellers we work with love them and they are a fantastic company.

clause from contract stating the property is sold as is

Sell My House As Is

Any maintenance issues or broken items in the house do not need to be worried about. It is extremely costly to update a home, that is why we handle it completely. We are experienced buying these types of properties and also don’t mind if you leave all of your unwanted items and trash behind. We will handle donating or disposing of whatever is left behind so that you don’t have to.

clause from contract giving a free 1 month rent back to the seller

1-Month Free Rent Back

A lot of times we work with sellers who benefit from doing a fast cash sale so they can get money in their pocket, but then they need some time to pack up their belongings and move out. A 1-month free rent back is the exact solution here. Get your cash quickly and then take your time moving out.

clause from contract showing no inspections or contingencies

Absolutely No Inspections Or Contingencies

We don’t have any inspections or contingencies where we can get out of the contract. The second our contract is signed, we are 100% committed to closing when we said and this is why we are confident putting up a $5,000 deposit.

clause from contract stating that both parties will not work with realtors

Sell Without A Realtor

In a traditional home sale, the seller pays for both the buyer’s and seller’s realtor. This typically amounts to around 6% of the sale price. When you work with us, there are no realtors and no commissions to worry about!

(1) Who is Home Sale Solutions?

(2) Are you a real estate wholesaler?

(3) How do I spot a real estate wholesaler?

(4) How are you different than a realtor?

(5) How long does it take for a property visit?

(6) How many people will be at the property visit?

(7) How quickly can you close?

(8) What happens after I sign the contract?

(9) What paperwork do I need during the process?

(10) Are there any obligations if I request an offer?

(11) Do I need to repair anything?

(12) Are there any hidden fees when working with you?

(13) Can I leave behind any unwanted items or junk?

(14) What Covid-19 precautions do you take?

1. Who is Home Sale Solutions?

Home Sale Solutions is a 2-person team consisting of Dan White and Will Harvey. Dan has a background in contracting and remodeling, and Will’s background is in mortgage lending. Dan and Will met in 2017 and formed Home Sale Solutions shortly after that after seeing how broken the industry was with many shady and deceptive people in this space. Dan was born and raised in Manassas, and Will was born and raised in Haymarket. Having this deep knowledge of Prince William County and the surrounding areas such as Manassas and Woodbridge gives them a competitive advantage because they know the market so well. Rest assured that there is no home buying team more knowledgeable and committed to providing you a great outcome than Will and Dan!

2. Are you a real estate wholesaler?

Absolutely not. Real estate wholesalers operate by deceptively advertising that they are cash home buyers when in reality they are not. These individuals should be avoided at all costs. A wholesaler will falsely claim that they will buy your house for cash, and once the contract is signed, they then look to assign or “sell” that contract to an actual buyer at a higher price. For instance, Mary Seller signs a contract to sell her home to Walter Wholesaler for $150,000. From here, Walter Wholesaler will market the property to his “buyer list” without Mary’s knowledge, which is a huge breach of privacy. After finding a buyer for $180,000 the settlement occurs and $150,000 goes to Mary, and $30,000 goes to Walter. Instead, that $30,000 should have been in Mary’s pocket if not for Walter’s lies and deception.

3. How do I spot a real estate wholesaler?

This can be tricky. We mentioned above that wholesalers operate under the disguise of being a real cash home buyer, making it difficult to tell if they are a true cash buyer or a wholesaler. The easiest way to spot a wholesaler, however, is by examining the contract they use when they send an offer. Here are some things to look for:

A Low EMD (Earnest Money Deposit)

Wholesalers usually have no intent or ability to purchase a property, and in a lot of cases they are unable to find an end buyer to assign the contract to. This means they have to cancel the contract and potentially forfeit their EMD. Because of this risk, wholesalers will commonly do EMD’s in the amount of $100 or even less (compare that to our $5,000 EMD). This is laughable and is a huge tell that they are a wholesaler.

Ambiguous Language About “Partners”

Any verbiage in the contract about partners, investors, or anything else along these lines is a red flag. In a wholesaler’s contract, the word partner is code for a buyer they are looking to sell the contract to. If you see this, you should ask questions.

Long Contingency Periods

If you see any verbiage in the contract that is remotely similar to, “Buyer shall have until the business day before close of escrow (the “inspection period”), during which time the Buyer will have the absolute right to cancel this contract for any reason whatsoever at buyer’s sole discretion.” This statement gives them the ability to cancel the contract for any reason up until the day before closing. Run for the hills if you see this, this is not someone serious about buying your house.

The Assignment Clause

Verbiage about having the right to assign the contract is the red flag of red flags. This is what allows the wholesaler to assign the contract to an end buyer. If you see this, you can be almost 100% certain you are dealing with a wholesaler that is not looking to buy your house, but is looking to make some quick money at your expense.

4. How are you different than a realtor?

Realtors are not the ones buying your property, they act on your behalf to get the property sold to someone. We are actual buyers that ARE the ones purchasing your house, se we have much more control over the timeline, etc. A good realtor can be greatly beneficial to the right person, but for a lot of people it is not possible to spend money fixing up the property and dealing with showings, appraisals, and waiting 6-12 months to get the property sold.

5. How long does it take for a property visit?

Generally, a property visit will take around 30-45 minutes. If meeting in person is not possible, we can do it virtually through Zoom. Click here if you’d like to set up a virtual appointment.

6. How many people will be at the property visit?

There will be 1 person at the property visit. It will either be Will or Dan and we will let you know ahead of time who it is.

7. How quickly can you close?

We can close in as little as 7 days. We use cash so there is no bank approval that we need in a traditional home purchase.

8. What happens after I sign the contract?

Once the contract is signed, Champion Title and Settlements (the settlement company) will reach out to gather some information from you that they need for the settlement. Aside from that, there is really nothing to do since we are not doing an appraisal, inspection, or requesting any items to be repaired.

9. What paperwork do I need during the process?

Aside from the info provided to the settlement company, nothing. At settlement (the day of closing when everything is signed) you will need a valid photo ID, but aside from that there is nothing needed.

10. Are there any obligations if I request an offer?

Zero. There is nothing to lose when requesting an offer. Oftentimes we speak with people and advise them that a cash sale is not the best route for their situation and point them in the right direction. So, when you complete the form you’ll either get an offer that you can politely decline, or we can offer advice that will be helpful. You have nothing to lose!

11. Do I need to repair anything?

No, there is nothing you need to repair or fix. We are experienced buying houses as is that need lots of work so you don’t need to worry about anything.

12. Are there any hidden fees when working with you?

No, we make money after the property is fixed up and we sell it. There are no fees at all charged to the seller.

13. Can I leave behind any unwanted items or junk?

Yes, anything you do not want to keep leave it for us and we will handle it!

14. What Covid-19 precautions do you take?

Both Dan and Will are either vaccinated or have already had Covid-19 and now have immunity. With this said, we will also wear masks and socially distance so that there is no reason to be concerned. We take this very seriously!

Get My Cash Offer Now!

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If you want to sell your Northern Virginia house as-is today, contact us! We have cash ready to buy it today! You do not need to worry about its condition, as we will buy it regardless. We take on the time and money to do the renovations ourselves so that you do not have to. Contact us today, and begin the process as soon as possible. You will not regret it!