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Below are some of the recent properties Home Sale Solutions has purchased, as well as some other real estate projects we have gotten involved with. It is important to work with someone experienced, and as you can see, we check that box!

This space is largely unregulated which has led to many shady and unethical people entering the space. Make sure you do research on any real estate company you are speaking with to ensure they are legitimate. And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, we are always happy to help! Click here if you are wanting to learn more about a cash offer from Home Sale Solutions!

Alleghany Rd, Manassas

small green house with blue skies in the background

We purchased this property from someone who had recently lost their spouse. They did not want to update the property and list with a realtor, so we ended up buying it from them as is and they were thrilled!

Sudley Rd, Manassas

brick house with overgreen trees

After living in this property for over 20 years and accumulating lots of items, the sellers wanted a fresh start and to move out of state to be closer to family. We assisted with some logistical things and bought the house completely as is. The sellers were very happy!

Kinsky Ln, Berryville

house with black shutters, a chimney and blue skies in the background

This seller was under contract with someone, but they ended up backing out at the start of Covid. We ended up giving them an even higher offer than they originally had and ended up saving the day!

Downey Mill Rd, Lovettsville

log cabin with red metal roof

After collecting lots of belongings and having some maintenance items pile up, this seller needed to move across the country after a family member became ill and couldn’t spend time dealing with realtors. We purchased the property in less than 2 weeks and it worked out great for everyone.

Ebenezer Rd, Bluemont

brick house with woods in the background

This property was sold to us by a couple that needed the funds to purchase another property out of state. Time was of the essence as the property they were buying was a unique situation. We closed in less than 10 days and they were able to buy the property!

Huntsman Dr, Manassas

all brick house with blue shutters

After a few siblings inherited a property from a loved one who passed away, they didn’t know what to do with it. We were introduced to them and ended up purchasing the property completely as is and they were very happy with how it turned out.

Bell Tower Rd, Woodbridge

Brick house with attached garage and sun shining on it

After some wear and tear over the years, this seller had a life event occur and needed to sell the property relatively quickly. We made her a great offer and closed quickly so that she could move on with her life.

Chippewa Ct, Lorton

end-unit townhouse with blue skies in the background

A rental owned for 20+ years leads to lots of maintenance items and things needing updating. The seller of this property did not want to deal with any of that, and instead chose to sell to us and was thrilled with how things turned out.

Willingboro Ct, Gainesville

brick house with overcast skies

After owning this property over 20 years, this seller wanted a fresh start and to move out of state. We agreed to a fair offer and she was very happy with the entire process and got to move on with her life.

Rosemont Manor Dr, Haymarket

all brick townhouse

After an elderly loved one passed away who was living in the property, we purchased it and it ended up working out great for everyone involved.

Below are a handful of properties we have invested in throughout the U.S. that are different from typical residential properties.

84-Unit Apartment Building in Mesa, AZ

Apartment building in Mesa, AZ

47-Unit Apartment Building in Rockport, TX

blue apartment building in Rockport, TX

48-Unit Apartment Building in Emmaus, PA

All brick apartment building in Emmaus, PA

196-Unit Apartment Building in Roanoke, VA

garden-style apartment building in Roanoke, VA

76-Unit Apartment Building in Tampa, FL

garden-style apartment building in Tampa, FL

National Mobile Home Park Fund

aerial view of mobile home park community

111-Unit Apartment Portfolio in Ocala, FL

white, garden-style apartments

61-Unit Apartment Building in Ocala, FL

pink, garden-style apartment building in Ocala, FL