Legitimate Home Buyers In Virginia

We are Home Sale Solutions, a company based in Northern Virginia, and our mission is to improve lives by helping our clients solve whatever problems they face as it relates to homeownership. We are legitimate home buyers with lots of experience and area knowledge.

We are a house buying company, specializing in Woodbridge and Manassas. We understand that no one will accept an offer that doesn’t work for them, and this is why our area expertise and renovation strategy enables us to present competitive offers.

Our renovations are kept very simple. Dan has a background in home remodeling and uses his industry knowledge and relationships to drive down costs. We then pass these savings along to the sellers we work with in the form of higher offers!

We are a business of course, and are looking to make a profit, but everything we do is geared towards driving costs down so that we can make higher offers to the sellers we work with. We are also not wholesalers and would never consider wholesaling a property, so you can rest assured that if we make you an offer that we are the actual one buying your property!

Home Sale Solutions is a Christian real estate solutions company based out of Haymarket.  We’re a local, family-owned business and we focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions for their problem. With backgrounds in lending and real estate prior to forming HSS, we know that everyone’s situation is different. That is why we bring value by offering a solution-oriented approach to whatever problem you are facing with your home.

Reputable House Buyers In Virginia

We are legitimate house buyers in Virginia that offer cash for your house anywhere in Virginia. Our company is based in Prince William County and we specialize in the Woodbridge and Manassas areas. If you are looking to sell a house for cash in VA and want a great offer, look no further! We are a team of legitimate house buyers that are serious about purchasing your property.

We are fully registered and compliant in accordance with all laws in the State of Virginia. We are not a “fly by night” operation like a lot of the companies that you see. These are real estate wholesalers and should be avoided at all costs.

We are also A+ rated on BBB and have many 5-star reviews on Google as well. Check out our reviews below to see these!

Who Our House Buying Company Is Made Of

Dan White

Dan was born and raised in Manassas, and now lives in Haymarket. Prior to co-founding Home Sale Solutions, Dan worked at a remodeling company for many years and gained a vast amount of knowledge from this experience. This allows him to strategically renovate the properties we buy, keep costs low, and then pass those savings on to the sellers we work with. Having lived in Prince William County his whole life also gives him unmatched knowledge of this area.

Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 kids, who are the most important people in his world!

Will Harvey

Will was born and raised in Haymarket, and now resides in the Ashburn area. After many years in the mortgage business, Will decided to bring his industry knowledge and expertise into real estate, forming Home Sale Solutions with Dan. Having been a real estate investor and lender, and knowing the Prince William and Northern Virginia area extremely well, Will is able to apply this knowledge and create the best solutions for the sellers they deal with.

Will recently got married to the woman of his dreams and enjoys spending time with his wife Sarah and dog, Ned!

The Home Sale Solutions Team

We are a lean and nimble team that have lots of experience in this space. We consider ourselves a solutions-based company (that’s why it is in our name!) and we want the best outcome for you, regardless of whether it aligns with what is best for us. There have been many occasions where we advise people against going this route and point them in the direction they should be going. And for the sellers where it does make sense to sell this way, we make sure to deliver the best service possible and help solve their problem.

Scams And Credibility

This space (cash home buyers) is extremely unregulated and a lot consider it to be the “wild wild west.” Many unethical and shady people gravitate to this space because of the lack of regulation and ability to make money fast. These are known as real estate wholesalers and should absolutely be avoided at all costs. They pretend to be cash home buyers, but in reality are middle men attempting to make a quick buck.

For instance, a wholesaler will make an offer to someone for $150,000 and once the contract is signed, they will attempt to assign it to an actual buyer for $180,000. In this situation, you get $150,000 and they get $30,000 (which should have been in your pocket!) for not doing anything at all.

Home Sale Solutions was created, in large part, because we saw how the industry worked and wanted to provide a much better solution than the one above. We are legitimate home buyers that use our own money to buy your house, and do not rely on any 3rd party partners.

Our Pledge To You

We promise to always be fair, never take advantage of anyone’s misfortunes, and will do everything we can to come to a “win-win” solution.

Home Sale Solutions logo that is green and blue

We believe in the golden rule, which is to always treat others the way we would like to be treated. Never will we take advantage of anyone’s situation, or look to profit off someone’s bad luck. There are plenty out there that will do this, but we are not one of them. You can count on us to always give good advice, be your advocate, and deliver a great experience and solution. Try us out and you will see!