We Buy Houses Northern Virginia: 7 Benefits of Using Home Sale Solutions

Selling your Northern Virginia home through a realtor is the first option you’d probably have considered right? But is the better alternative a cash home buyer? We buy houses Northern Virginia every day and are experts in the market here so let’s take a look at your options.

Of course, anyone who’s in the position to sell off their home will also consider hiring a realtor. However, do you know that a realtor’s commission fee can be as high as 6% from your house sale? The closing costs, also not to be forgotten, which as you know can cost you a couple thousands of dollars on top.

Probably you have been advised by your realtor to fix up your house. The challenge there now is can you afford the renovations?

Have it in mind that if you are expecting a huge profit from your house sale, you should start subtracting renovations cost, and other fees for your realtor. You’d have to spend quite a lot of dollars trying to turn your house to the taste of your potential buyers.

However, to avoid all this unnecessary spending, a better way is to sell your house quickly to a Northern Virginia cash home buyer.

At Home Sale Solutions we buy houses Northern Virginia as it is, so you wouldn’t worry about renovating the house.

Instead of paying all those commissions and fees and still waiting for a buyer, which can take up to weeks, why not find a cash home buyer and sell your house off in less than a week.

Time saving, hassle-free, real estate commission-free, all these and more you’re gaining when you sell your house to a cash home buyer.

Want to know the things you stand to benefit from selling your house to a cash home buyer? 

Well, with no time to waste, let’s dive into the benefits of selling your house to a cash home buyer.

Benefits Of Selling Your House To Home Sale Solutions

  1. Saves you time

There’s absolutely no time to waste when you sell off your house. 

A simple process selling your home is; you describe your house and possibly provide images to the cash home buyer. 

An inspection of the house follows and remember, cash home buyers purchase the house as it is.

Then you’re given a certain cash offer, now it is up to you to decide whether to leave or take it.

If you decide on the former, then  you’ve landed yourself a deal!

You can then sell your home within a period of 7 days, time- saving isn’t it?

It is this quick and simple!

When you compare this to hiring a realtor, you see a big difference, in comparison, it saves you the time of getting a buyer.

  1. Saves you money

Using a Northern Virginia cash home buyer saves you a couple of dollars that you could have squandered on renovations and commission.

A realtor will advise you to make certain renovations and adjustments to your house for it to be on high demand.

However, a cash home buyer purchases your house as it is. The cash offer is for your house ‘ as is ‘

You wouldn’t need to pay for a realtor commission charges or renovate the home, a stress relief right?

Not even your door knob you’d have to change, amazing isn’t it?

  1. Saves you hassle

Exactly how amazing can selling your house to a cash home buyer be?

The stress of having a realtor come over to value, worries whether your house will sell or not, running to the bank to get  a loan for closing costs or a line of credit for renovations.

 You’re saved from all those hassles when you sell your house to a cash home buyer.

The convenience related with selling your home to a cash home buyer cannot be matched.

No need to worry about even the slightest thing, just sell off your house- in any condition, and receive your quick cash, hassle-free.

  1. Saves you financing

Are you in a debt situation? That’s not a problem when selling your house to a cash home buyer.

You don’t necessarily need to get any kind of financing, it is as simple as accepting the home buyer cash offer, and you’re good to go.

  1. There is no complicated house chain

When selling your house to a cash home buyer, there are lesser people in the house chain, making transacting easier and less complicated.

The common reason most deals for house sales fall out is because somebody involved in the house chain changes their mind.

Possibly, they must have found another house which they prefer over yours or they encounter a bad debt, therefore can no longer afford your house.

The good news is that with a cash home buyer, there is no complicated house chain beyond the buyer.

With less people in the house chain, there is no tendency of having issues with transactions and the sale of your house.

  1. The process is much faster

It is a quick and smooth process, selling your home to a cash home buyer.

You get the cash for your house almost immediately because after agreeing to the cash offer, your money is just a matter of days away from you.

However, if the cash buyer needs to get a mortgage, then a period of one month is what it’s going to take from the initial application.  

This is a big advantage to those who need a quick sale of their house for cash or if they need to relocate quickly for various reasons.

When a deal is sealed quickly, there is a lesser tendency of the deal falling out. 

However when  the deal takes too long, as mentioned earlier, someone on the house chain may lose interest in your house.

  1.  No risk of mortgage issues

Most cases of failed house sale arise from failure of the potential buyer to secure a mortgage.

On the brighter side, because we buy houses Northern Virginia for cash we do not need to secure a mortgage, so the sale is more guaranteed.

Bottom line

Getting your house sold, and in good time can be challenging if you urgently need to sell off the house.

Realtors can try whatever they can do to help get your house up for sale, however, you may not come across a potential buyer in good time.

What way do you have out? Use Home Sale Solutions

Cash home buyers buy homes as they are without wasting your time. 

Get a professional cash home buyer today and experience the fastest and simplest way of selling off your northern Virginia house.

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