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I think we can all admit that a traditional home sale is a tiresome and worrisome event. From the start of placing a home up for sale to the closing, it is an extremely frustrating event in our lives. When speaking of a relocation, a homeowner may be forced to sell their home quickly with little to no notice. These types of home sales are almost next to impossible tasks, except when you begin to work with the cash home buyer. Unlike a traditional real estate transaction, cash home buyers neglect many of the hurdles that tend to complicate the purchase and sales of homes. 

Let’s look at a few ways in which you can benefit from selling your home to a cash buying company when you need to move to a new location quickly. 

Hassle Free Process 

When you need to move out of your current home quickly, every minute truly counts. Unfortunately, the long and arduous path of a traditional selling process will only complicate matters. Many times, a homeowner will be required to find a realtor with whom they feel comfortable working with throughout the sale. Obviously, having to list a home and show the home makes the process all the more frustrating for homeowners. To say that the process is overwhelming would be an understatement. 

When choosing a cash homebuyer, a homebuyer will be guaranteed a smoother and faster sale which is essential during the relocation process. Unlike a traditional real estate agent, a cash buying company is an independent investor who purchases homes in various conditions for cash This means that as the buyer there is no need to deal with a lender or bank. Their entire process boils down to viewing the property, making an offer, and eventually closing upon the property if the homeowner accepts the offer. 

Once the homeowner has accepted the offer, they have the ability to receive their cash in a matter of days or weeks, which is simply not the case in a traditional house sale. In many cases, the entire process can be done in as little as two weeks, which allows the homeowner to relocate to their new home quickly. Selling to a cash home buyer is quite possibly the best option available if you need a hasslefree and quick sale of your home. 

Save Money 

While it is true that a cash homebuyer is going to make an offer that will be slightly below the current market value, you’re also saving a substantial amount of money in various expenses by selling the home to them. One of the most notable points to this is the fact that a cash buying company will purchase your home in as is condition. This simply means that you are no longer responsible for all of the repairs and renovations as you would with the typical home sale. In many cases, these types of repairs and renovations can cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars which will ultimately slow down the home sale process. 

Selling your home to a cash home buyer is going to save you not only time but put a substantial amount of money directly into your pocket. This excess amount of money will prove beneficial during the moving process. You will have the extra money available to pay a moving company to ensure that the transfer of your belongings is smooth and seamless. Many people are unaware of how much money a traditional home sale will cost which ultimately leaves them short of money while relocating to a new city or state. 

In addition to all the repairs and upgrades that may be needed to your home, there are also the substantial fees and commissions involved. When you sell your home for real estate agents, you’re typically charged a 6% commission on the sale, selling to a cash homebuyer involves absolutely no fees or commissions. Once again this is going to mean more money in your pocket at the end of the home sale. Without having to worry about renovations and fees, you’ll have the means necessary for a smooth relocation process. 

Less Risk Involved 

Sale of the house through traditional methods will usually involve some form of lender or banking facility. This type of sale always involves some form of risk of the lender pulling out of the deal at the last moment. Regardless of the reason, this event will frustrate the homeowner and the buyer forcing all to retrace their steps and begin again. However, for the homeowner who is preparing a rapid relocation this type of situation can be the most stressful. 

However, we do have some good news for you. When you’re dealing with a cash home buyer there is no need to rely on a bank or lender to fulfill the home sale. These are independent home investors who have the cash readily available for your home. With this in mind, the chances of the sale falling through at the last minute are negligible. Once the sale process has begun, you are more than likely guaranteed to reach the agreement with no problems or hassles. This will guarantee that you receive the money you so desperately need and ensure that you no longer have to worry about a house you no longer want. 

We truly understand how overwhelming it can feel when you must sell your house on a timetable. However, keep in mind that you can greatly benefit by selling your house to a cash buying company. One cannot overlook the reduced fees, fast sale process, and the minimum chance of the sale falling through at the end. With all of these benefits, you can ensure that the relocation process will be smooth and seamless.

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